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The Concepts of Health and Disease
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Table of ContentsPrefaceChapterAnalysis of and on Chinese MedicineFengli Lan (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)Friedrich G. Wallner (University of Vienna)Triple Jiao: Having a Name but No Shape?Fengli Lan (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)Friedrich G. Wallner (University of Vienna)Transmitting Trend of Chinese Medicine in the West:From Skills to WayZhang Lishan (Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)The Whole - the Starting Point of Understanding Disease in TCMSusanne Hiekel (Universität Duisburg-Essen, Institut für Philosophie)Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin -Ein paralleles ForschungsprogrammChapter 2European Reflections on Problems of Health and MedicineNicole Holzenthal (University of Oviedo, Intersophia -International Network of Philosophical Studies)Culture and Medicine in the Philosophical Materialism and Constructive RealismAndreas Schulz (University of Vienna)How can different medical systems be true at the same time?Popper, Feyerabend and Wallner about truth and methodJosé A. López Cerezo (Universidad de Oviedo)North by Northwest:The Seach for Objectivity in the Origins of Modern Western MedicineKonstantin S. Khroutski (Veliky Novgorod, Russia,Novgorod State University after Yaroslav-the-Wise)What can neo-Aristotelian ideas contribute to establish an Integrative medicine?Gerhard Klünger (University of Vienna)Anthroposophic medicine (AM)A short introduction into basic conceptsHisaki Hashi (University of Vienna)Dr. Morita's Psychophysical Therapy Influenced by Zen Buddhism- A Comparison of the Thinking Principles of Morita and the Cognitive Scientist M. SchlickChapter 3The Special Situation of PsychotherapyKurt Greiner (Sigmund Freud University)Gabriela Breindl (Sigmund Freud University)Tools of Experimental Hermeneutics in Psychotherapy ScienceChapter 4The Buddhist PerspectiveSumalee Mahanarongchai (Bangkok, Thailand, Thammasat University)The Wheel of Life and Buddhist Understanding of HealthPataraporn Sirikanchana (Bangkok, Thailand, Thammasat University)Thai Buddhism on HealthAnchalee Chaiyasuj (Thailand, Ministry of Public Health)Thai Traditional Medicine in Thailand Health SystemChapter 5Aspects of Health from the Viewpoint of Islamic Culture and PhilosophyMohammad Khodayarifard (Iran, University of Tehran)Gholam Ali Afrooz (Iran, University of Tehran)Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi (The University of British Columbia)Yasamin Abedini (University of Isfahan)Spiritual-Religious Family Therapy:History, Theoretical and Experimental Basesand its Techniques and PrinciplesSaeid Zarghami-Hamrah (Kharazmi University)Mental health in intellectual/peripatetic attitude in Islamic philosophy with an emphasis on ideas by Ibn Miskawayh:Strangification of the doctrine of the mean?

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